Jones knocked Calzaghe down toward the end of the first round with a straight left to the nose followed by a slap with his right hand across Calzaghe’s face. “I was stunned,” Calzaghe said. “He hit me with a good shot. That’s what a champion’s all about. When I fall, I come back stronger.”

The men came out in playful moods to start the fight. After the first round ended, Jones stood at attention in the middle of the ring and stared down Calzaghe. In the second round, after he landed a straight right hand, Jones stepped back, turned to the crowd and stuck out his tongue.

Calzaghe seemed to find his rhythm in the third round, as he unleashed fast combinations and had Jones backing up into the ropes. Calzaghe stepped back several times, daring Jones to come forward, and Jones urged Calzaghe to “come on.” At the end of the round, Calzaghe wiggled his hips and did a tap dance.

The round set the tone for the dominating onslaught Calzaghe brought to the rest of the fight. One scene seemed to replay itself throughout the fight: Calzaghe throwing swift, short punches as Jones stumbled back with his hands up.

Things got very ugly for Jones in the middle of the fight when a large cut opened over his left eye. Blood trickled all the way down his body. Jones fought the second half of the fight with his left eye closed.

Jones insisted that he entered this fight rejuvenated and in the best shape he has been in years. Calzaghe proved him wrong.

This was only Calzaghe’s second fight in the United States. His first was a split-decision victory over Hopkins in April.

“I’ve beaten two legends this year — in Hopkins, and an even bigger legend in Roy Jones.” Calzaghe said. “And I’ve fought them both in the States. I think I’ve shown everybody I don’t just fight at home.”